My resume

I began to write programs in BASIC at the age of 6 using a friend’s Sinclair ZX81. Later on, my parents gave me an Amstrad CPC 6128. I almost never played with it but I did write several small programs including a calendar and contact notes in BASIC.

At the age of 12, I completed an internship at my school where I wrote a tool to generate quotes for machining metal parts in 3D. These were my first steps on a DOS PC using QBasic. Fifteen years later, the company I wrote the tool for was still using it!!!

Then when I was 14, my parents bought me an assembler and I started to play with the Z80 CPU. That marked the beginning of my passion for hard programming and the demoscene.

You can read the highlights from my resume below:

MediaWen International

January 2013 – Present

Design and implementation of MWHub, a modern online management tool for closed captioning, subtitling and automatic dubbing.


I worked on various projects designed to improve the platform experience: live audience manager, automatic subtitle captures (voice recognition), automatic timecode placement, etc.



Trustware / Bufferzone

June 2006 – September 2017

x86/x64 hardware assisted virtual memory manager (Intel VTX, AMD SVM).

Driver design for sandbox software used for separating running programs (filesystem and registry virtualization). API hooking routines design.




March 2007 – November 2010

Driver design for HIPS software and filters (filesystem, registry and network). Driver design for DCM (Device Control Management software). Driver design for Shadow Copy software. Buffer overflow page fault handler rewrite. Design and implementation of lock-free shared list structure. Post mortem (BSOD, crash) analysis and bug fixes.



Tegam International

2000 - 2005

Driver design for antivirus software, filesystem, registry and network filters.

API hooking library, x86/x64 disassembler

Real-time email + http filter




1997 – 1999

Math lib port ERC32 processor designed by European Space Agency (E.S.A), optimizations in Sparc v7 assembly.

Http proxy for content indexing and analysis (for Text’O’Mat document search engine).

Design of composting image library: alpha blending in x86 assembly with use of MMX extensions on the Pentium processor, in order to achieve faster rendering than GPUs (S3 ViRGE at the time).




Installation and configuration of web service solution stacks (Linux, Apache, SQL)