Plan9 Operating System

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Plan9 from Bell Labs is an open-source distributed system from the creators of Unix. I love the design of this operating system and I continue to work with it today.

I have contributed to the operating system at several points, mostly to fix problems I encountered while using it. It is still very pleasant to use. You will find some of my work related to Plan9 below.


June 2010

After a year recovering from a burnout, I went back to my roots and worked on Plan9. I found and fixed a nasty bug in 9vx, a port of the Plan 9 kernel to the vx32 user-mode virtualization environment.

The problem was related to the process scheduler in Plan9, because the authors of 9vx made false assumptions about the operating system’s thread scheduler. It was a very complicated bug to identify and fix. I provide more detailed explanations on the comp.os.plan9 archived mailing list.

VIA Gigabit Ethernet Driver

Summer 2006

I had an ABit AV8 Motherboard that came with a VIA Gigabit ethernet driver. I could not resist stealing some register defines from FreeBSD and performing my own implementation of the driver.

ATI/AMD Radeon Driver

June 2003

I still have this great ATI Radeon 4600 video card and its DVI ports.

Matrox G4[50]0 Driver

August 2001

This was my first published code for Plan9. Matrox sent me the documentation for the G400 graphic chipset. It was very interesting to work on this code.