It is not simple to write and maintain blog. First, because it takes time, and then I think consistency is one element important.

My desire here is less to capture an audience than simply share my work and my passion for programming and research IT.

We're not going to lie, the use of programming libraries and other third party frameworks is very convenient in everyday life, especially when time is short but in-thin, it often happens that these tools do not fully meet our needs and even sometimes they prevent us to implement a particular functionality.

It seems important then to learn how these tools are created, what are the basic ideas, and especially what mistakes to [not] repeat.

Because yes, I am convinced that it is our mistakes that allow us to become better people (and a fortiori better programmers).

I will try to share here my various and varied experiences, without as if I had succeeded the first time ...

I wish you a very good read!


"Die Feldgleichungen der Gravitation", réflexions sur un 25 novembre.

Ce 25 novembre, après une accalmie sans doute liée au réchauffement climatique, le froid reprend ses droits. La France et d'autres pays sont sous le choc des attentats terroristes.

Alors que notre planète se meurt, nous apprenons ce même jour que des manifestations peuvent être interdites par les préfets lors de la COP21 et qu'au total, 120.000 policiers, gendarmes et militaires seront déployés sur l'ensemble du territoire pour assurer notre sécurité.

suite ...