As you probably know, it is hard to describe himself. Moreover, I’m not a ninja (as the picture above might suggest), but I like being in shadow.

Today, I think I am a linguist (or kind-of).

Indeed, C, C++ and Go are my native speaking languages and since I’m 14, I enjoy write assembly code (Z80, x86/64, SparcV7/9, Alpha, RISC-V). More recently I even started to play with Verilog and VHDL thanks to FPGAs.

I also often speak Rust, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Bash, Lisp for my daily work.

I am a Gdb and Windbg operator, expert in security, (µ)kernels, virtual machine monitors and compilers. I am a FreeBSD, L4, Plan9, Linux and Windows kernels hacker.

But the must important thing to know about me is I am in love with Sarah, Charlotte, Claire-Marie and Bénédicte, my amazing daughters. I also love ocean, sun, rain, general relativity, quantum physics and the science history.

I don’t have enough time to read space opera books I bought as I read a lot of (Arxiv) papers - mostly about machine learning - and I rest in front of movies and series when I don’t fish with my father.

On this website, you can read my resume, discover some of my works, by example with Plan9, or read some articles I will try to write periodically on my blog.